Tuesday, May 29, 2007

judgment day

The last few days of school- judgment day. Students who were content with their 6% all year suddenly decide that failing my class will keep them out of Harvard and will cause them to fail at life and DIE. And it is all my fault, of course.

Some of my favorites today:
"Didn't you get it? I slid it under your door."
"Well, I was cleaning out my folder and I threw it away. I thought you had graded it. No, it didn't have a grade on it."
"I don't know. I don't think I ever got one. Hey, is that a hamster cage over there?"
"I was absent for that."
"I had to DO that?"
"Do you have any no-name papers?"
"What color is it?"
"Was I absent that day?"
"I have really been good today. Couldn't you raise it?"
"Work is due today?!!?"
"Are you sure?"

I only hold the key to a paradisaical summer vacation, not for saving them from the infinite eternities of fire and brimstone... I am beginning to feel a great deal of sympathy for Saint Peter or whatever unlucky soul is manning the pearly gates.

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lindsey said...

Oh, such truth to this post.