Saturday, March 29, 2008

playing hooky

Friday was the greatest day ever because I did not have to go to work. Instead, we got a sweet tour of the Santa Barbara Mission from a fellow graduate student of Andrew's, who also happens to live there as a Franciscan monk. Good times.

We got to see books that were several hundreds of years old and stay in the ancient library for a little bit. (I wasn't sure if I could take pictures of that and was too chicken to ask!)


krissiecook said...

Blast! If only I'd known...I could have tried to lure you a few hundred yards down the road to the planetarium. (Also, our library has some books in the archives that are also several hundred years old. In case that helps my pitch.)

lindsey said...

Ahhh! It looks beautiful there! Maybe we need try to get into grad school there! Or San Luis Obispo. It looks gorgeous. Love the pictures!

Henderson Happenings said...

i love the picture looking through the arch wall.

michelle said...

This may sound strange, but when I took that picture, I called it a "Jen picture" to Andrew... :)

Your legacy lives on.

p.s. Loved the Safety Third video.