Thursday, November 13, 2008

i miss musicfest...

... a lot.

For those of you who did not know me during those years, MusicFest was something I looked forward to all week. A small but dedicated core of individuals came together, each with one song to share, every week. I loved being introduced to new artists and genres. I took pleasure in the fact that I had a coveted job: disco ball spinner. (It's harder than it sounds.) One week, it was quite an honor to be the official MusicFest secretary when Amanda was absent. (p.s. Amanda, I want to read your blog still, but I can't.)

The longing has been growing in my heart. Andrew has always appreciated my eclectic taste in music, though I'm not sure he shares it completely. Though I have worn him down so that Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers counts as Sunday music.

As it is Thursday night, I would like to host my own personal MusicFest. I will be highlighting TWO groups as this is my own personal MusicFest and I can do whatever I want.

1. The Devil Makes Three
I am particularly smitten with two numbers, "Black Irish" and "Sweeping", neither of which can be found for free on the internet, apparently. However, I do have a video of them doing "Old Number 7" below.

Ironically, they played in Santa Barbara last month, but I had no idea, as I only discovered them tonight.

2. The Wailin' Jennys
They are Canadian. Andrew and I constantly play the "will you live there?" game and I am trying Canada on for size. If everyone sounds like this, the cold may be worth it. "Starlight" is below, but I have also been enjoying "Glory Bound". Rather similar to an old time love of mine, Alison Krauss and Union Station. (Alison and Robert Plant turned out remarkably well; I was very impressed with the whole CD Raising Sand, in particular, "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson".)

Special thanks to my spouse who put up with me listening to lots of scratchy utube banjoing in the making of this post.


Cheryl said...

Michelle, how I agree with you. Have fun this week, I'll be wishing you vibes of sweet music.

Amanda said...

Michelle, I will invite you to my blog post haste. Also, I'd like to participate. This week, if we were at MusicFest, I would play New Soul by Yael Naim Enjoy.

Shawntel said...

Oh I remember music fest, I wasn't the best on attendance but I had a great time when I did come! Oh the good ole' days!

Flowers by Rileigh said...

I think about Musicfest everytime I eat Maccaroni and cheese and smile. P.S. I eat it with a fork.

River Nomads said...


You found me :) It's so funny that you've been discovered as my twin. I have a TWIN!! And she's not evil! I'm so lucky to not have an evil twin. Ha ha! I love your blog. And I love that Andrew even posts sometimes! Mine just grunts at it. Not very effective.

Cheryl said... did it go?

T-Ray said...

I miss musicfest too! I looked forward to that every week! I tried to start it up with some friends here... but people here were not as cool and didn't understand the joy that came from that event. It will always be in my heart.