Monday, April 26, 2010


Not a post about what you thought, I'm sure. Edit: unless you are Krissie Cook.

Today, I found a form at work that requires six copies to be distributed to various different parties. My brain almost exploded. Instead, it made this unflattering face.


Vivian said...

this pictures is amazing. i miss working in an office. aaand i wish i worked in an office with you.

Can I get the 'salmon' copy?

T-Ray said...

I love this face you are making... and my head would have exploded too. You are too funny.

krissiecook said...

When I saw the title of this post, I thought, "There's no way she wrote a post on that. No way. I must have read it wrong, it must be about sex, not 6 copies of something." But you did. Sorry for being nerdy enough to get it right away.

Debbie said...

awesome face there my beloved daughter :)