Monday, May 24, 2010

the final blow

So, grad student friends, you know how sometimes you wish you could be a real adult? Like you look around and other people who are 28 have houses, spouses with real jobs, children*, retirement plans, more than one car, washers/dryers**, furniture not salvaged from a dumpster, a backyard... You know, those things.

I had come to terms with (almost) all of the above. Until last night when I came home and received a notice that the USPS decided we no longer qualify for mail service. Ouch. Totally sub-citizens.

I have this song in my head, but I am not going to sleep until this war is over. I have already written my representatives and postmaster and attended a (rather subdued) radical meeting. I plan to Facebook all my politician friends and use the fear of an election year to get a critical mass behind me continuing to get my steady stream of airline-mile-supplied free magazines.

* I recognize you can have children and still not be a real adult.
** Um, check back with me on Friday 'bout that.


T-Ray said...

What? Are they even allowed to do that?

Taylor said...

no mail? what? this is sounding odd. But as bad as it sounds just know that there are worse, much worse, things out there than cheap subsidized UCSB family student housing. (even if that means you can no longer get usps) Try paying rent in Boston.

Jenae said...

I too have already written three letter, one email, and have made two phone calls.

However, I still feel powerless. When they ask me how not receiving my mail will effect my family all I can think of is SCREAMING:



Flem said...

I saw this but find it strange. Is the USPS cutting back on service? Does anyone know the answer to this?

michelle m said...

Not cool, Taylor. The Harvard 'tude is rubbing off.

krissiecook said...

What the what? USPS is cutting off service to Student Family Housing? That is ridiculous. Seriously! I mean, don't you pay postage like everyone else on earth? Doesn't your mail arrive stamped?