Monday, November 15, 2010


Have had a rough two weeks of womanhood. Does anyone else go through rabid feminist waves while most of the time feeling... content/understood/equal? I feel like there are always key incidents that set me off, and then... well, then I go to extremes and find injustice everywhere. Andrew is a saint and listens to all of it.

I feel like it shouldn't be too much to ask to have your thoughts treated with respect, even if they aren't agreed with... and even if you are a woman.

Ironic after the gleaming shower post, I know. I accept I am a happy bundle of contradiction.


krissiecook said...

I will admit that my "rabid feminist waves" come somewhat more frequently than yours. So good for you for keeping it to a minimum. And yes, your thoughts should be treated with respect. I had a hard time with that one in the planetarium field; I remember conferences with 150 delegates and only 1 other woman among them. I think some people genuinely thought I was just there to freshen up their coffee.
Do you think that if Hillary had won, American would be discussing a post-feminist era instead a post-racial era?

Jenae said...

I'm so glad that you are keeping up your blog. It's this kind of fluff that keeps the world turning.

ok...just kidding...I'm sorry :)

After the last few weeks that you have had you are entitles to a little rabid feminist wave. I welcome it anytime.


Rebecca said...

I'm with you, once again. The other night I got really worked up explaining to Dan my feminist reading of "The Little Engine that Could."

Esme Q said...

Ah I get those moments all the time - it means you are alive and paying attention to life!!

Esme Q said...
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