Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hey, i got some new shoes on

I love Zappos. Free shipping both ways, so I never have to enter a store. I decided about eight months ago that I wear the same three pairs of shoes all the time, so the next time I buy shoes I am not doing Payless... I am going to buy a pair of actual shoes that are comfortable after 10 hours in them. So I bought a pair of heels that feel like little buttery clouds every time I wear them, no matter how long I wear them. Bliss.

Then I started wearing them like every day, or at least four days a week. So, they are well-loved and I am in need of a second pair to rotate. Back to Zappos, where I make my best guess on four pairs, intending to pick one. They arrive a day later. (See "I love Zappos", above.) I try each pair on after dinner for a few nights just to make sure they are what I want.

Tonight, I am explaining the virtues of Zappos to an ever-attentive Andrew. I tell him how one pair is too big, and one too pointy that it squishes my toes, and how one pair makes me 6'2" (not that there is anything wrong with being 6'2" Rebecca but they were too TALL for me to walk) and how the last pair was kind of a risk in that they have a peep toe which I normally don't care for. As you can imagine, Andrew is enthralled... aka reading news about the Middle East while making supportive sounds when I pause... I am wearing the last pair, black patent leather peep toe, worrying that perhaps they are too shiny and gosh when you wear open-toed shoes, your toes always have to look nice.

Andrew (hearing a chance to earn husband points): "You always have nice toes."
Michelle: (Turning around to give him a weird look as he has consistently said for years he hopes our children get all of my attributes except for my toes.)
Andrew: "Well... maybe not. They ARE really weird."


BrittneyGrace said...

I believe I would like a pair of buttery heels that don't eat my feet off too. I believe since you have already found one I would like to see what exactly you got. Maybe I will love them too.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

However, I would like to state for the record that I am really 6'8".

deannah said...

i literally laughed outloud when i read this. thanks for that. and i love zappos too. :)