Sunday, June 19, 2011

take your parents to work day

In honor of Father's Day, my family had a Thursday par-tay which we deemed "Take Your Parents to Work Day." It was also Career Day at Los Prietos so I put them to work.

Dad told 85 incarcerated youth about his job. What I have learned about work from Dad:
1. Show up.
2. Have a good attitude.
Recently, he added:
3. Have good knees, but that is for his employees.

Mom was in charge of crane driving and general harassment of firefighters.
She found out that we had our car appraised and it was found to be worth $500. She was pretty serious that she would pay me $500 if the firefighters would let her use the Jaws of Life on the car as a "demonstration for the kids," of course.

After my event was done, we went to visit Dan at work and had lunch and the grand tour. What a great day!

I am so glad that my parents are MY parents. We are perfect for each other.

Some highlights from the past year with my dad:
1. Buying me kleenex and Ben & Jerry's when they came to visit last time and I got really sick.
2. Making a headboard with me, and finishing it when I ran out of time.
3. Encouraging me to take the leap and apply for my new/old job.
4. Working in my garden, after he came up and helped me make extra beds last year.
5. Weekly (short) phone calls. I guess I got my lack of love for phones from you.

So, this is in honor of you, The Best Dad I Got. (You should be happy, because all Mom got for Mother's Day was my cold.)

Love you!

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Debbie Lloyd said...

Dad says "I really enjoyed seeing you in action and hearing how well respected you are by the community you work with. We had a lot of fun helping at the camp, glad some of my rules come in handy. I added a new one Friday - Your job is temporary, only if you make it that way."

well,ditto what Dad said.Luckily, you made up for sharing your Mother's Day cold with me by letting me come to career day ;) Love you!