Monday, September 8, 2008

i am taking applications

My boss has finally noticed that he gives me eight thousand times more tasks daily than I can physically complete. I think my googly-eyes and incoherent babble tipped him off. Regardless, he promised me an assistant. Four months ago.

Well, the state budget has not yet cleared, so no assistant for me. School has started again and volunteer coordinating is hopping, so in an effort to stop the death glares towards his office, my boss hired me a "temp" for two glorious, wonderful weeks.

This is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to my professional life. I consider "my temp" an extension of myself. Like a third arm. Because that's what she is. So, for example, I had many things on my To-Do List for today. Assemble packets for teachers. Make recruiting calls to 200 employers. Stamp 600 envelopes. Make copies. Et cetera.

The temp did them. All. Allowing me to cross off four gigantic tasks- my favorite part of the day anyway. I have never been so productive.

I need a temp, permanently.

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