Friday, September 4, 2009

Work Facebook

My employment has necessitated that I start a Facebook page for the nonprofit organization that I call home, which requires a personal profile. Not wanting to use my own, I had to start a work account.

I know several of you are thinking, "You're gone for two months and you come back to work and play on Facebook in this economy?" It's true. In fact, it is recommended.

It is weird 'friending' someone as my work self. They need to develop a new term. Thus, my aspirations of world domination via Facebook and our newly launched website are progressing quite slowly. (Perhaps the rest of the world is not as impressed that you can now request a volunteer OR sign up as a volunteer online.)

So, if you care about kids and education, I recommend you become a fan, supporting efforts to reconnect and revitalize the community through a coordinated campaign of volunteers and guest speakers.

I've been spending the last few weeks convincing my boss that Egypt should be a write-off since now I can be a guest speaker on the topic, thereby increasing our organization's capacity.


Flem said...

Interesting... I have a new policy about FB vs. Twitter. I use twitter for all work related stuff and FB for personal stuff. Some people seem to be the opposite though, so I end up sometimes not getting in on the right network.

A lot of educators are using twitter, though, so you might want to consider starting a twitter to send out updates too...

Rileigh said...

I would support that.

michelle said...

Twitter is the next step in the plan. I like the idea of using Facebook to build a base for our "tweets" since we have a strange mix of businesspeople, college students, and educators affiliated with our org right now. I don't see a lot of twitter with the educators I'm working with, though I know all your circle uses it a lot. I think it may be your philosophy around technology... SB is really lagging in that department. Lots of initiative, no follow through. I'm trying to figure it all out.