Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roman Stuff for Seth

I spent this past weekend in Fez and stopped along the way at the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. Its name in Arabic is Waleelee, which I think is way more fun to say. Here are some sample pictures. The final one is a mosaic representing Hercules' Twelve Tasks, about which Seth recently gave an awesome lecture. Fez is the leather capital of Morocco and I almost purchased a hand-made pair of pointy leisure shoes for Taylor but decided against it considering the activities that such things inspire. I have yet to find any marvels of Moroccan engineering for Garrett, although I did drive past a pretty devastating car crash on the way home that he might have been interested in.

See you guys soon!


michelle m said...

I've never been so excited to read my own blog.

T-Ray said...

JEALOUS!!! That looks amazing!

Taylor said...

I'm so disappointed that you didn't go ahead and buy those leisure shoes. You just slide those comfy babies on and the next thing you know- you're riding a garbage can down the hills of Montecito in the middle of the night with half the SB police behind ya.

What on earth are you doing in Waleelee anyway?

Seth said...

Although I normally side with Latin, Waleelee is a way better name than Volubilis. That is a pretty awesome mosaic!