Thursday, February 5, 2009

sick day

I'm not minding taking a sick day on this rainy afternoon. I feel fully justified in watching random internet television. Today: Little Mosque on the Prairie.

I feel somewhat justified watching it on youtube because it is only available in Canada. The show is in its third season. The first one is not amazing as far as acting goes, but I like how they explore stereotypes and issues of fitting in a dominant culture as the "other". The second and third seasons actually have better character development and plot. Plus, if you are interested in some of the issues facing contemporary Muslims it is a fun watch.

Also, this clip about the show kind of made me laugh. Who looks like the extremist here?


T-Ray said...

Ha ha... funny videos. How do you know Desiree and Chuck?

Cheryl said...

Bollywood makes tv shows? Awesome!
I want to know what his "plan b" was? I'll have to come back later for another does of LMOTP! :)

Lauren said...

we love that show!