Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thrifty gone wrong

I have been foiled by an inanimate object. It is not a pleasant feeling.

You may remember a previous post about the filing cabinet I secured from nearby the dumpster of treasures and the joy that I felt in being able to organize facets of my life.

No more.

Last week, after much enjoyment and organized living, all five drawers of the giant steel filing cabinet ceased to open. After about a week of looking at it in consternation I took more drastic measures. On my sick day, I managed to use a hammer to pry open and pop out an entire drawer.

The other four will not move. Suggestions welcome.


Henderson Happenings said...

1.a tantrum
2.follwed by a peace offering to the cabinet(cookies, etc)
3.then dynamite

Jenae said...

I say let Sparks go crazy with it. Think of all that he (and maybe a man-date) could do with it?
-take liquid nitrogen to it
-aim his laser at it
-make it part of the set for Red Dawn 2: a middle school's revenge...
Possibilities are endless.

amelia said...

WD40! We had a stuck door lock and that did the trick. Wow, good luck with that one.

lindsey said...

All of your previous commentators are much more clever than I...but it sounds like the locking mechanism has engaged. Rip out the lock part (where the key goes in) and it won't be able to lock on you again!

I miss filing things with your handwriting on them!

T-Ray said...

Ok, your posts always make me laugh. That is funny/frustrating! I think I would knock the whole thing over in hopes that they would all come open. But I don't know if that is the best idea.

Debbie said...

your Dad was too nice to tell you when you were pleading for his help with the cabinet... he wanted to say.. come get the one you have been storing in his garage for a few years!! it works fine... but again your Dad is too nice to have said that to you ... he told me since you were sick and all, he thought he should be nice.. well you are not sick any more, right? so I thought you should be reminded about the cabinet :P Love you Ü even with all the junk you store here ;)