Saturday, February 7, 2009

why i should wear glasses more

My infallibility has recently been called into question, what with the never-ending sickness. And the LONG (not small or new mind you) gray hairs that are ALL OVER MY HEAD. That is a post for another time. Anyways, I am finding two or three reasons a day why I should wear my glasses more often.

Exhibit A:
On our January trip to Utah I crashed a snowmobile not because I can't drive, but because it had gotten so dark I couldn't see the road turn. (Never fear those of you that live near me--- I always wear them while driving.)

For other pictures of our trip, see Jenae and Jodi.


krissiecook said...

I wish I could blame all auto infractions on vision impairment and not morning impairment, as was the case with our little run-in.

lindsey said...

I love that picture!!! This is hilarious (but only because you weren't hurt!)