Sunday, June 20, 2010

honey dear

I have been thinking a lot about family. Well, my dad, of course. And my mom's dad, Norm, who passed away 12 years ago yesterday. And my grandma's father as we try to solve a little family mystery. I was going through family things today trying to find answers when I found the letter above, from my great-grandfather Neal to his wife. At least I get to call.

In other cool things, check out my g-pa with Jim Lovell. He's the one on the far right with the now-back-in-style skinny tie.

NASA Photo ID: S65-57481 File Name: 10074125.jpg Film Type: 35mm Date Taken: 11/01/65 . Title: Astronaut James Lovell undergoes weight and balance tests. Description: Astronaut James A. Lovell Jr., pilot of the Gemini 7 space flight, undergoes weight and balance tests in the Pyrotechnic installation Building, Merritt Island. Talking with Lovell are (left to right) Charlie Beaty, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation; Karl Stoien, McDonnell Aircraft; NASA suit technician Al Rochford; and Norm Batterson, Weber Aircraft Corporation.


T-Ray said...

How cool is that? My Uncle works for NASA right now.

Debbie Lloyd said...

Doug actually was watching a new NASA show a few weeks ago and for like two seconds saw Papa in it :) He also had a shot where it was just his nose and forehead but luckily that was recognizable ;) Doug bought the DVD set and showed it to me.. only the good parts with Papa in it! He said I can borrow it to show you and your bro.