Friday, June 4, 2010

parental visit

My dad recently got this present at work. For those of you not engineers, it is an AC-10 autoclave and it is now the largest and hottest on the west coast.

His arrived with a crane, a large hole cut in a wall, many trucks, large rollerskates, and a lot of stress.

Mine arrived with double stuff oreos, lemonade, and designed to relieve stress.

Come visit anytime. :)


Debbie Lloyd said...

you forgot about the pink and white cookies and I do believe Andrew perked up when he heard about the salami;) I love it when your parents are great enough to be blog worthy!! Your Dad laughed at this one :)You are the best daughter and we are proud of you,thanks for taking the time and arranging and rearranging and then I do believe arranged it one more time .. all to accommodate this big machine arriving so that your parents could come visit Ü

Amanda said...

When I read the title in my feed I read "prenatal visit." I guess I just have babies on the brain.