Wednesday, February 10, 2010

enter stress

Stress alternately comes into my life as a shrieking sound that builds in the back of my brain OR as a plethora of knots in my neck. Ask Andrew, he knows about the knots... and the shrieking because sometimes I just make the 'stress' noise.

How do you manifest stress?

p.s. Amanda Calder Ball:
1. Is that a correct use of plethora?
2. Do you remember the time we accidentally ran over a snake after we ran out of gas?


Debbie Lloyd said...

sorry you inherited that from me :/ at least you got your brains, good looks, and patience from your father! The other day, he was using his elbow on a knot on my back and it popped and he actually shrieked as it was pretty loud (the pop) ..well actually his shriek was loud too ;)

Debbie Lloyd said...
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BrittneyGrace said...

My stress manifests into a sudden breakdown and tears. Then I usually have somebody pull me back to reality (usually my boy) and I am ok the next day.