Wednesday, February 3, 2010

girl scouts

As previously mentioned, I am fortunate enough to maintain our social media for work. At the beginning of the process, I only had Egypt pictures on my computer, so this

is the only photo I had to use for a profile picture. Since it is so small, I figured it didn't matter that much, right?

Earlier this week I ran into someone who I had only corresponded via email and Facebook on several different projects. I greeted him by name, and he looked confused. So, I introduced myself and he said "Oh, I didn't recognize you." I mumbled something about my hair being down and usually it's up, blah blah blah... and he said, "No, well, it's because your Facebook photo makes you look like a Girl Scout."

In my mind, I pictured the green shirt and thought, ok, Girl Scouts, I can see it. Then I got back to the office to find a new profile picture and saw the thumbnail image again. All I need to do is sew some merit badges onto my camera case strap and I would be good to go. Maybe the badge for rabbit raising...


T-Ray said...

I would have never thought of that on my own... but now that you point it out. That is pretty funny.

Flem said...

You are so a girl scout!!

And I would like two boxes of thin mints please.

Dhoffs said...

If you really were a girl scout maybe we could hold a church fundraiser.