Saturday, February 27, 2010

happy birthday

Many of you have asked about me posting so frequently... Maybe you have not met my mother. She likes to celebrate "birthday month" as in we celebrate all of February. (We consider ourselves fortunate that she was born in the shortest month.)

So I knew my mom likes nothing more than knowing what's going on with her "chillens" AND I knew I would be very busy the whole month. So, I made it my goal to write as close to every day that I could so that she could have birthday month for real, even though we were apart.

Happy Birthday Mom! I'm having fun visiting you this weekend. :)


T-Ray said...

How sweet! What a great gift that keeps giving.... I have enjoyed reading your many posts.

Jenae said...

Happy Birthday Michelle's Mom! (psst... Michelle, don't tell her that her picture is still on my wall. That could ruin Birthday Month)


Jodi said...

I'm glad you've been posting so frequently- don't stop! Well, you don't have to post everyday, but more than once every 2 months. You're birthday is next month, right??

Debbie Lloyd said...

well Jenae I already knew it was still there because I ask all the time! I just might have to get you some real pictures to put up instead of the scary one ;) ha ha but I'm glad to hear it sometimes confuses your friends as to who's house is this!?! ha ha
and my beautiful baby daughter it was the best birthday present ever... a visit from you and Andrew :) you are right, I enjoyed all the postings for birthday when is the next leap year so I can get more days!?!Thanks for being so good to your crazy mom!