Monday, February 22, 2010

job readiness

What are the most important things you look for/would look for in an employee?
What do you think high school students need to know most in preparation for the world of work?
What do you wish you had learned before you began work?

Your answers will assist me in handcrafting curriculum before our interns begin. Thanks.


krissiecook said...

So I used to hire high school students, and also use them as volunteers. Things not all of them think are important but really are include: tardiness (as in don't be!), follow-ups (call back when I leave you a message, do stuff when you say you will), and professionalism. By professionalism, I mean knowing when to turn your phone off and put it away, when to drop casual language and when to dress like a grown-up instead of a high school student.
In addition, they need to be careful not to burn bridges now. One of the students I once worked with later applied for a job I was hiring. This was a "real" job, and not for a high school student, and he had graduated a few years back. But he had been flaky over the course of his earlier employment, which was confirmed when I checked back with others who had worked with him in high school. I didn't give him the job. Bad impressions last a long time.
Oh, and watch out for what parts of your life are online. Really.

Jeannie said...

I agree with everything Krissie said. I used to hire Freshman to work in my office and the thing that would irk me the most was an unreliable employee: one that was often late, or who called in sick too often, or who was slow to get tasks done. Also, you have to pay attention to the details. If you're photocopying a sensitive document, don't leave it in the copy machine for the next person to find.

Good luck, Michelle!! It will be great.

michelle m said...

Thank you, and duly noted. :)

Flem said...

Am I too late? The ability to ask really good questions.