Sunday, February 21, 2010

family history

Bet I made my mom nervous with that title... like I was going to reveal family secrets.

Nope, just wanted to say how much fun I've been having getting back into genealogy research. I had taken a LONG break from it all but it has been really relaxing and entertaining to continue to solve little mysteries. I've really turned up some neat stuff on dead end's on my dad's side in England. I am finding even more distant cousins also researching. When I was younger, we could only write or email- so interesting to connect in a Facebook world now. Also interesting the vast amount of information available online and free-I can really see an explosion of interest around the world. Pretty cool to be a part of that.

It's also been fun to get together little pieces about me growing up that my mom diligently recorded for her child development class... my two favorites:

1. When I was almost three, every time we left the house I would ask my parents "Do you have my toothbrush?" "Do you have my q-tips?" Still no cavities and impeccably clean ears...

2. I went through a two week phase where I was afraid to go to sleep because I would have nightmares. About what? Robots or the vacuum cleaner. And this was before the Roomba, mind you.

Totally unrelated p.s.
Brenda did an amazing job singing today! I am in awe every time.


T-Ray said...

Good for you! I need to follow your example and do some family history!
"Family History, I am doing it! My family history....."

Debbie Lloyd said...

don't reveal all of our secrets Michelle!
For a minute there I thought maybe you had found your real parents :O and you were relieved that we weren't them! ha ha no such luck.. you are stuck with us!!